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Owa Owa Pup Noodles

Owa Owa Pup Noodles

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Your pup can finally enjoy ramen just like you! Healthy and Tasty Pup Noodles! Owa Owa Pup Noodles are a nutritious and delicious treat. Rich in protein and gut-healing ingredients, it's the perfect snack to keep your furbaby hydrated and happy.

Chicken: made with 100% real chicken breast, all-natural chicken bone broth powder, air-dried carrots, and broccoli.

Beefmade with 100% real beef, beef liver, all-natural beef bone broth powder, air-dried carrots, and broccoli.

Pup Noodles: 1.5oz

perfect for dogs and cats

add hot or warm water to noodles and let cool. 
*use hot water for noodles to soften a bit. Let cool before feeding to your pet

⚠️the noodles are made of 100% protein and are dehydrated. They will soften a bit but not as soft as flour noodles⚠️

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